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Over the past decade my taste palate and appreciation of fine spirits has expanded by leaps and bounds having worked at Diageo. Although I’ve tasted a kaleidoscope of amazing brands and cocktails, very few have made an impression on me like Bulleit Bourbon. Could it be the undeniable quality of the 175-year-old recipe or simply Mr. Tom Bulleit’s charming down-to-earth personality? I conclude that it’s most likely a hybrid of both of these remarkable qualities that define the brand. I’ve been fortunate over the years to visit the distillery and speak with Mr. Bulleit on several occasions. After meticulously analyzing the steady growth in popularity of the brand and overall bourbon segment, I realize that quality alone is not enough; it is passion and authenticity that truly separates a great brand from a good brand.


Tom Bulleit & I

Bulleit Bourbon is one of the most beloved of the many American craft whiskies that has sprung up during the Bourbon resurgence of the past two decades. Master Distiller, Tom Bulleit uses the unique 175 year-old recipe developed by his great-great-grandfather, Augustus Bulleit.  Its signature large amount of rye grain gives Bulleit a distinctive taste that is full bodied and spicy, with a long, smooth finish. Bulleit Bourbon has a near perfect balance of smoothness, richness and flavor.

One of my all-time favorite cocktails is a refreshing Bourbon Mule– Bulleit Bourbon with a ginger beer, squeeze of lime, and mint leaves.

Learn more about this great American brand at www.bulleit.com and of your local retailer or favorite restaurant bar.

BB Distillery

Inside Bulleit Bourbon

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