As a former Marketing executive with a passion for the arts, there is nothing more satisfying than to see a brand (small or large) connect with the creative community in a truly authentic cohesive way that affords the artist reasonable autonomy to express the brand’s personality and message through his or her own personal style. When the brand and artist partnership is vetted properly and the necessary trust and understanding is established, true magic and brilliance will follow suit.

In this video, the Ballantine Scotch brand partners with South African DJ and musician, Black Coffee to create a short film that embodies the brand’s mantra, “Stay True, Leave an Impression.” The film is directed by Novemba of Cap Gunna Collective and features an a cappella performance of one of Black Coffee’s best known productions, “Rock My World” by a 40-person choir. Witness a brilliant creative piece that reinforces the brand’s identity without any forced or obligatory product placement.

Although Ballantine is a massive Scotch whiskey, second highest selling worldwide in fact, it’s origin as a small whisky brand in Edinburgh is quite fascinating. Ballantine’s origin dates back to 1827, when George Ballantine set up a small grocery store supplying a small range of whiskies to his clientele. In 1865, he transitioned the store operations to his eldest son Arhchibald while he set his sights on larger operations in Glascow. He then had time to concentrate on global trading and began creating his own blends. As demand exploded in new markets and time passed, ownership changed hands to larger investors with the capacity to continue driving the business. By 1986 Ballantine was named the #1 brand in Europe and the third largest in the world… not bad for a once small batch whiskey eh. In 2005, the award winning Scotch brand was purchased by Pernod Richard and continues to live up to George’s high standard of quality and principles.

Check out the video and visit to learn more about the brand.

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