doc·u·men·ta·ries FOR CREATIVES: REGGAE-The Story Of Jamaican Music


If you’re a musician, music and culture enthusiast, or film buff, today is the perfect day to watch the 02’ BBC three-part documentary series- Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music. Produced by Maxine Gordon in collaboration with Mike Connolly, the film explores the origins of reggae starting in the late 50’s with the development of ska, its global transformation during the 60’s and 70’s, and its notable impact on western music, most notably hip hop. Since the days of sound systems and dub music, reggae has continued to reinvent itself as a mighty music and cultural global force. It’s important to note that reggae was not just another genre offered to the world; at its core exists an inseperable intimate connection to the people and the political and social climate of the environment. It was fascinating to learn about the influence of the African drum music traditions of Burru and Kamina on the Rastafarian sophisticated drum ensembles, as well as the influence of bebop jazz on a generation of young classically trained musicians, and early Jamaican DJ party rocking techniques over dub reggae on hip hop’s DJ culture. For your edutainment, please check out this three part series below.


Part 1: 1950’s Ska period & history of Jamaican Independence

Part 2: Roots Reggae & Bob Marley

Part 3: Progression of Reggae in the 80’s and beyond

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