Back To The Future: Apple II Watch


As the world braces itself for the uber hyped Apple smartwatch, get inspired to create your own alternative with this nostalgic 3D printed prototype created by a member of Instructables. The entire watch was printed on a 3-D printer allowing for fine details, then painted and assembled by hand. The “Apple II” offers the basic user interface created specifically for a smaller device and the 8-bit nostalgia of the iconic Apple computer. This eye catchy nostalgic device has been equipped with two miniature floppy disks and a functioning tiny CRT display, but yes for the wrist. Although most of the watch functions is a parody of the 2015 Apple watch, this version does keep and display the real time and date.

The actual functioning hardware includes:

Teensy 3.1(72 MHz ARM processor, 256K ROM 64K RAM, built-in real-time clock)

1.8″ TFT LCD (160×128 pixels 18 bit color)

SOMO II MP3 (for playback of sound effects)

LiPo charger/boost converter

push button power switch

momentary push button

rotary encoder (panel-mount)

8 ohm 2W speaker

(2x) 3mm red LED

(2x) 1 K ohm resistor

800 mAh LiPo battery (gives about a 3 hour lifetime)

2032 coin cell battery

32.768 kHz crystal

(2x) 2GB microSD card

1/4″ knob

(8x) M2.5 x 6

(4x) M2.5 x 10

wire (26 gauge)

Click here to learn how to build your own on Instructables website.

Apple II

Apple II Closeup


Apple II Floppy

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