Ardberg Whiskey Introduces a Drinkable Cloud

Have you ever considered drinking a whiskey cloud? Well thanks to the Ardberg Distillery you can now experience the Islay rolling clouds in a glass via new, hi tech carafe technology that recreates the Scottish island’s thick coastal mists. Developed in collaboration with Dr Edwards from Harvard University and Le Laboratoire, the ‘Ardberg Haar’ utilizes ultrasound pads that emit rapid vibrations producing micro droplets which form the Haar mist. Ardbeg Haar, takes its name from the Scottish word ‘haar’ – a cold fog which sweeps in from the sea without warning, often enveloping Islay and the distillery which clings to its coastline. Commenting on the Ardbeg Haar, Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation at Ardbeg, said: “The haar rolling in from the sea is as familiar sight to island life as the precious peat which influences our whiskies.  We believe that in this sampling ritual we have captured the essence of its elusive qualities. The swirling mist will intrigue and immerse people in the aromas, tastes and textures of The Ultimate Islay Malt Whisky.” This cloud slowly moves up the funnel of the carafe before being collected in a glass, from where the liquid can be sipped through a straw featuring holes in the sides rather than the bottom to “enhance” the drinker’s experience.

Ardberg Drinkable Cloud

This innovative and jaw-dropping serving tool is currently being used in venues across Hakkassan Mayfair in London, Hawksmoor in Manchester and Tigerlily in Edinburgh to introduce Ardberg to a new generation of whisky enthusiasts allowing them to experience something unique.

Its truly inspiring as an advocate of craft brands to highlight a 200 year old whiskey distillery that continues to innovate and reimagine new ways for its existing customers and new recruits to truly experience the brand’s craftsmanship, terroir, and overall essence. Great job Ardberg!

Photo & Source Credit: The Whiskey Business

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