Editor’s Choice: Follow These 12 Artists on Instagram Now

Many will agree that there is an abundance of creative talent on Instagram, and it has indeed maintained its position as the visual-first, social network of choice for Artists and multidisciplinary Creatives. After many years of thumbing down this digital rabbit hole, I’ve stumbled upon a plethora of inspirational and soul-stirring visual content and truly brilliant content creators that have sparked a flurry new or extended creative concepts, emotions, online conversations and reposts.

Although there are many amazing artists missing from this list, below is a list of some of my personal favorites on Instagram. If you’re an artist or multidisciplinary creative, please leave your link in comments or email me at CraftBrandTheory@gmail.com.

1. @SandraChevrier | Montreal based. Pencil Drawing. Painting. Illustration.

The Cage2. @Alexis_Diaz | Puerto Rico. Muralist

El Sagitario

3. @Salavat.Fidai | Russia. Experimental. Pencil Carving

Salavat Fidai

4. @xpayneart | Illustration. Painting


5. @RisingRedLotus | Atlanta. Muralist. Illustration

Rising Red Lotus

6. @Tsteed10 (Terran Steed) | Pencil Drawing

Wale Drawing

Kendrick Lamar Unfinished

7. @SwoonHq | Brookyn. Printmaker. Experimental


8. @KehindeWiley | Los Angeles. New York. Portrait Paintings

Kehinde Wiley

9. @Kesh | London. Los Angeles. Experimental

Kesh10. @AniekanReloaded | Washington DC. Muralist

kango girl

11. @aakashnihalani  | (Aakash Nihalani) New York City. Experimental

Aakash Nihalani

12. @demontpinder | Washington DC. Painting. Muralist.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.26.44 PM






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