Using 3D Hologram Technology to Refresh The Wold

With so much content circulating on the web, mobile devices and even inundating our offline experiences, a vast amount is often repetitive and boring in presentation. So it was pretty refreshing to stumble across a new way to recreate and engage with 2D content using holographic technology. Whether you would like to visualize a model of your invention in detail before 3D printing or talking with a holographic image of yourself instead of a flatscreen for your next conference, the possibilities are plentiful. Imagine a biotech entrepreneur being able to bring up a strand of DNA from a 2D environment to to explain it using the hologram. Yes, the once fictional Jetson and Star Wars technology has finally arrived.

Holus Hologram
The Holus hologram tabletop appears at first glance as a big glass box with a pyramid inside, however it uses the old “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion technique , making the content 3D projecting it inside the pyramid space. This is a great resource for inventors, engineers, makers, and creatives since the holographic chamber can accept any 2D images from computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Holus Hologram
The Kickstarter for Holus interactive tabletop has already passed its fundraising goals, and early bird prices are gone, but there are still options to order the Home model for $650 or the $950 Pro edition model. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here to learn more about this incredible new technology and start thinking about the many possibilities it offers for real world application.
Holus tabletop
Photo Credit: Holus Kickstarter

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