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Custom Chandelier made in part from recycled Martell Blue Swift 750ml bottles. Showcased at the touring Martell H.O.M.E. Event Series. 2016

Photography Credit: Karim Lateef


Fashion Rising: Bridging Craftmanship, Activism, & Creativity

Created by actress Rosario Dawson and longtime friend/ business partner Abrima Erwiah, the mission of Studio One Eighty Nine and the inspiration for the Fashion Rising Collection, took form following a trip with V-Day in February 2011 through Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda to Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the opening of the City of Joy. For context, V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness, with the most recent global campaign being One Billion Rising that has galvanized over one billion women and men on a global day of action towards this cause.

Seeing the difficulty of finding long term sustainable success stories in the African textiles industry where artisans were working through the whole value chain, ‘Fashion Rising’ was birthed to extend the movement pass a one day event by creating an impactful and long term platform. Fashion Rising impacts the community by creating opportunities for employment, empowerment, and education for African artisans and creatives. In an interview with Pret-A-Reporter, Erwiah says “By creating this platform that creates a demand, we’re then  able to benefit the community by creating jobs because that’s an order, not just for sewing and cutting, it’s an order for every step on that chain.”
Fashion Rising 004
The Fashion Rising collection of ready-to-wear, bags and accessories for both women and men focuses on the theme of travel, a reflection of the diversity of journeys so many women take in their quest to rise in the face of adversity. The Fashion Rising items have been produced in Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Azerbaijan and Brazil, and combine traditional techniques and methods of construction with a vibrant palette and contemporary design. There are African prints, patterns, and symbols batiked or printed on fabrics including lightweight cotton, canvas, and silk. There are innovative, recycled materials, including glass beads from Guinness bottles in Ghana, dried palm leaves from swamps in Uganda, and recycled aluminum ring-pull can tops from Brazil.
 Fashion Rising 010
“Every piece of the Fashion Rising collection represents the talents and efforts of an extraordinary accumulation of creative talent. There is Nigerian designer Emeka Alams, the founder of Gold Coast Trading, who designed t-shirts produced by the artisan Fair Trade collective One Mango Tree, based in Uganda, and the Liberian-based Fair Trade apparel brand Liberty & Justice. Kimonos and pants were designed and produced in Uganda by Anna-Clare Lukoma, known for her Lulu fashion line, using materials out of East and West Africa. Ugandan social business AFRIpads (recipient of a PPR Foundation for Women’s Dignity & Rights Social Entrepreneur Award) worked with Studio One Eighty Nine and designer Menzer Hajiyeva to create a stylish cosmetics clutch for carrying the cloth sanitary pads that can enable a girl in Africa to finish her education. ” [Source: One Billion Rising Fashion Tumblr]
 Fashion Rising 003
In addition to showcasing the website,, Erwiah and Dawson teamed up with Quarterly, a subscription based service if curated box-filled goods, to provide interested buyers pieces from the collection, as well as other surprises.
Erwiah and Dawson’s Fashion Rising platform is a beautiful example of the bridging of boundless creativity, craftmanship, and purpose.
Fashion Rising 002
To support or simply get more familiar with Studio One Eighty Nine or Fashion Rising, please visit or
Fashion Rising 001
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.22.50 AM
Fashion Rising 006
Photo(s) Sources: Lorenzo Bringheli, UN ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, Emmanuel Andre, Allen Coleman

Getting Familiar With “Crimean Champagne”

Did you know that 76 years before the “Judgment of Paris” at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair, a sparkling wine from Crimea defeated all French entries to claim the coveted “Grand Prix de Champagne?” No this is not a typo, Sparkling Wine from the Ukraine took home the creme de la creme of all awards for Champagne.
crimean sparkling wine
This champion wine house was Novy Svet, made by Prince Lev Sergeyevich Golitsyn, a highly educated member of a Russian Royal Family, at his wine estate in Crimea. At that time, the Crimean peninsula was the largest wine producing region in the USSR. Prince Golitsyn dug a series of wine cellars into the Koba-Kaya Mountain (Cave Mountain), and established his winery in 1878 on the southern coast. Golitsyn experimented with Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Aligote, and Pinot Meunier vineyards for over 10 years before perfecting what the industry now calls Methode Traditionelle allowing the wines to rest in the bottle for three years in the cellars at a constant, underground cool temperature.
By the late 1890’s, the Prince was making over 60,000 bottles of sparkling wine, one of which won the Grand Prix in Paris. The Novy Svet winery didn’t survive Prince Golitsyn’s death in 1915 and the Russian Revolution, however today the restored winery, and underground tunnels are government owned. Under the leadership of Ms. Yanaina Petrovna Pevlenko, the winery continues to produce a wide range of unique sparkling wines.
To learn more about The Novy Svet Winery in Crimea visit
Novy Svet

Design Matters! Our Favorite 20 Bottle Designs in the Spirits Industry

Never understimate the power of the first impression. People make snap judgements, often driven in part by image attractiveness, colors, and symmetry among other factors. Research suggests it takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and products are no different.

In this post, we explore the exciting and ever-expanding world of the spirit’s industry in search of some of the most attractive and innovative bottle packaging examples on the market. Some of the products featured here are limited edition or new innovation lifestyle brands, while others are long-standing heritage brands, nonetheless they are all stunning. Please enjoy our selection and share your own choices with us.

(The list below is in no particular order)

1. Glenmorangie Pride 1981 (Photo Credit: Glenmorangie)

Glenmorangie Pride 1981

2. Tequila Alacran (Photo Credit: Alacran)

Tequila Alacran

3. CÎROC X (Photo Credit: Ciroc Vodka)

4. Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2007 (Photo Credit: Perrier-Jouët)

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 2007

5. DeLeon Tequila Anejo (Photo Credit: DeLeon)

DeLeon Tequila Anejo6. Brugal Papa Andres Rum (Photo Credit: Papa Andres)

Brugal Papa Andres Rum

7. Haig Club Single Grain Whiskey (Photo Credit: Haig Club)

Haig Club

8. Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé Leopard Luxury (Photo Credit: Moet & Chandon)

Moet Nectar

9. Hendricks Gin (Photo Credit: Hendrick’s)
Hendricks Bottle Closeup10. ABSOLUT Vodka Brooklyn Edition (Photo Credit: Absolut Vodka)

ABSOLUT Brooklyn Edition11. Hennessy OBEY Limited Edition (Photo Credit: Hennessy)

Hennessy OBEY12. John Walker & Friends Private Collection (Photo Credit: Diageo)

John Walker and Friends13. Smirnoff Master of The Mix Edition (Photo Credit: Karim Lateef)

smirnoff master of the mix

14. Armand de Brignac Brut Gold (Ace of Spades)- Masters Edition (Photo Credit: Armand de Brignac)

Ace of Spades

15. Bulleit Bourbon (Photo Credit: Bulleit Bourbon)

Bulleit Bourbon

16. Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Limited Edition (Photo Credit: Remy Martin)

Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Limited Edition17. 1938 Gordon & Mortlach Generations 70 Year Old (Photo Credit: Gordon & Mortlach)

1938 Mortlach Generations 70 year old

18. St. Germain Liqueur (Photo Credit: St. Germain)

St. Germaine19. Bailey’s Chocolate Luxe (Photo Credit: Baileys)

Bailey's Chocolate Luxe

20. LOr de Jean Martel Cognac (Photo Credit: Martell Cognac)


LOr de Jean Martell

Using 3D Hologram Technology to Refresh The Wold

With so much content circulating on the web, mobile devices and even inundating our offline experiences, a vast amount is often repetitive and boring in presentation. So it was pretty refreshing to stumble across a new way to recreate and engage with 2D content using holographic technology. Whether you would like to visualize a model of your invention in detail before 3D printing or talking with a holographic image of yourself instead of a flatscreen for your next conference, the possibilities are plentiful. Imagine a biotech entrepreneur being able to bring up a strand of DNA from a 2D environment to to explain it using the hologram. Yes, the once fictional Jetson and Star Wars technology has finally arrived.

Holus Hologram
The Holus hologram tabletop appears at first glance as a big glass box with a pyramid inside, however it uses the old “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion technique , making the content 3D projecting it inside the pyramid space. This is a great resource for inventors, engineers, makers, and creatives since the holographic chamber can accept any 2D images from computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Holus Hologram
The Kickstarter for Holus interactive tabletop has already passed its fundraising goals, and early bird prices are gone, but there are still options to order the Home model for $650 or the $950 Pro edition model. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here to learn more about this incredible new technology and start thinking about the many possibilities it offers for real world application.
Holus tabletop
Photo Credit: Holus Kickstarter


“The liquor graveyard is full of excellent tasting brands that were never marketed correctly”
Bill Thompson, Beverage Industry Investor

Hendrick’s Gin launches Hendrick’s Air

Have you in your wildest dreams considered sipping Hendrick’s on a flying cucumber…well now you can literally take flight aboard Hendricks Air courtesy of Hendricks Gin. This new ambitious venture commenced in April 2015 with the company’s flagship air craft: a massive dirigible named The Flying Cucumber. Commenting on the new venture Hendrick’s National Brand Ambassador stated, “we have been continually surprised by the odd popularity of our unusual cucumber-infused gin, so taking on the challenge of air travel seemed like the next logical step.” In contrast to the route patterns of conventional airlines, all Hendrick’s Air flights will depart and arrive from the same point, flying in excess of 500 miles per hour equipped with on-board conveniences such as in-flight TV and noise-canceling headphones. The 130-foot long, 44-foot tall Flying Cucumber is adorned with a giant “eye in the sky” which is consistent with the brand’s whimsical brand personality. The carrier’s cucumber motif and insistence on dirigible flight were inspired by the gin’s most prominent note of flavor – namely its infusion of cucumber essence. The Flying Cucumber launched with coast-to-coast expeditions beginning in April and culminating in August, granting  flights to consumers and brand enthusiasts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, South Florida, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Ann Arbor, Indianapolis, and Chicago

Follow the misadventures of Hendrick’s Air at,,, and (#FlyingCucumber & #HendricksGin)

Hendricks Air Closeup

About Hendrick’s Gin

HENDRICK’S is a super premium gin, made with a number of unusual twists. To deliver a most curious and delightfully unique flavor, Hendrick’s combines a distinct blend of eleven botanicals, as well as the signature infusions of cucumber and rose petals, producing a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully unique aroma.  Hand crafted in Scotland in miniscule batches by William Grant & Sons, Hendrick’s is the only gin that uses a marriage of spirits from both a Carter-Head and Copper Pot Still, a combination that produces a divinely smooth gin that has both the required character and balance of subtle flavors.  Since Hendrick’s was first introduced to America nearly 15 years ago, it has gained widespread acclaim and received numerous awards, including a Double Gold medal in the 2014 Fifty Best Gin Awards; ‘Gin of the Year’ at the Food and Wine Magazine Awards and voted ‘World’s Best Gin’ by the Wall Street Journal. Hendrick’s Gin has an ABV of 44% and an SRP of $34.99.  Please enjoy the unusual responsibly. For further information, visit

Hendricks Bottle Closeup








Photo Credit – Barmoire (Featured Image); La Mag (Hendrick’s Air Close-up)SOURCE Hendrick’s Gin

Ardberg Whiskey Introduces a Drinkable Cloud

Have you ever considered drinking a whiskey cloud? Well thanks to the Ardberg Distillery you can now experience the Islay rolling clouds in a glass via new, hi tech carafe technology that recreates the Scottish island’s thick coastal mists. Developed in collaboration with Dr Edwards from Harvard University and Le Laboratoire, the ‘Ardberg Haar’ utilizes ultrasound pads that emit rapid vibrations producing micro droplets which form the Haar mist. Ardbeg Haar, takes its name from the Scottish word ‘haar’ – a cold fog which sweeps in from the sea without warning, often enveloping Islay and the distillery which clings to its coastline. Commenting on the Ardbeg Haar, Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation at Ardbeg, said: “The haar rolling in from the sea is as familiar sight to island life as the precious peat which influences our whiskies.  We believe that in this sampling ritual we have captured the essence of its elusive qualities. The swirling mist will intrigue and immerse people in the aromas, tastes and textures of The Ultimate Islay Malt Whisky.” This cloud slowly moves up the funnel of the carafe before being collected in a glass, from where the liquid can be sipped through a straw featuring holes in the sides rather than the bottom to “enhance” the drinker’s experience.

Ardberg Drinkable Cloud

This innovative and jaw-dropping serving tool is currently being used in venues across Hakkassan Mayfair in London, Hawksmoor in Manchester and Tigerlily in Edinburgh to introduce Ardberg to a new generation of whisky enthusiasts allowing them to experience something unique.

Its truly inspiring as an advocate of craft brands to highlight a 200 year old whiskey distillery that continues to innovate and reimagine new ways for its existing customers and new recruits to truly experience the brand’s craftsmanship, terroir, and overall essence. Great job Ardberg!

Photo & Source Credit: The Whiskey Business

(Islay Island) Credit: