Featured Artists: Peter Chang & Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective

Custom Chandelier made in part from recycled Martell Blue Swift 750ml bottles. Showcased at the touring Martell H.O.M.E. Event Series. 2016

Photography Credit: Karim Lateef


Editor’s Choice: Follow These 12 Artists on Instagram Now

Many will agree that there is an abundance of creative talent on Instagram, and it has indeed maintained its position as the visual-first, social network of choice for Artists and multidisciplinary Creatives. After many years of thumbing down this digital rabbit hole, I’ve stumbled upon a plethora of inspirational and soul-stirring visual content and truly brilliant content creators that have sparked a flurry new or extended creative concepts, emotions, online conversations and reposts.

Although there are many amazing artists missing from this list, below is a list of some of my personal favorites on Instagram. If you’re an artist or multidisciplinary creative, please leave your link in comments or email me at

1. @SandraChevrier | Montreal based. Pencil Drawing. Painting. Illustration.

The Cage2. @Alexis_Diaz | Puerto Rico. Muralist

El Sagitario

3. @Salavat.Fidai | Russia. Experimental. Pencil Carving

Salavat Fidai

4. @xpayneart | Illustration. Painting


5. @RisingRedLotus | Atlanta. Muralist. Illustration

Rising Red Lotus

6. @Tsteed10 (Terran Steed) | Pencil Drawing

Wale Drawing

Kendrick Lamar Unfinished

7. @SwoonHq | Brookyn. Printmaker. Experimental


8. @KehindeWiley | Los Angeles. New York. Portrait Paintings

Kehinde Wiley

9. @Kesh | London. Los Angeles. Experimental

Kesh10. @AniekanReloaded | Washington DC. Muralist

kango girl

11. @aakashnihalani  | (Aakash Nihalani) New York City. Experimental

Aakash Nihalani

12. @demontpinder | Washington DC. Painting. Muralist.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.26.44 PM






Artists I’m Diggin: Dregs – New Zealand Street Art Documentary

Its such a great feeling stumbling upon underground stories of creatives and communities driving vibrant culture across the globe in places I’ve never visited. In search of late night creative inspiration, I came across ‘Dregs’ a very cool documentary released in 2012 that showcases New Zealand’s incredible and prolific underground art movement. Dregs is the culmination of filmmaker Karl Sheridan and renowned street artist Cinzah Merkens. The documentary features candid interviews with New Zealand’s most celebrated street artists such as Askew, Component, Flox, Gasp, Ghostie , Wert 159, Yelz and Cinzah. Beautifully shot, Dregs truly illustrates how New Zealand’s vibrant underground culture emerged into legitimate art scene in the Southwest Pacific and abroad.

Hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies in the first edition, this DVD will certainly be a collectors item. The DVD packaging is printed on recycled craft card, and signed by both directors and producers of the film.

Dregs DVD

Please check out the film trailer below and visit the official Dregs site HERE to watch it online or purchase the DVD.

DREGS – A New Zealand Street Art Documentary from Monster Valley on Vimeo.