Like many people these days, we demand quality from the products we purchase. We require quality design, functionality, and we have a deep appreciation for products made with quality materials and a focus on excellence. It is important to remember that the customer experience doesn’t start when you begin using the product or service, it begins at the first customer touchpoint which can be the website, printed marketing materials, storefront presentation, or the product packaging. DJ Qbert and his partners get it, so we are excited to celebrate not only his extraordinary turntablism skills but his marketing savvy as well.

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This week we feature the World’s First Interactive Album Packaging, DJ Qbert’s Extraterrestria, his long-awaited follow up to the groundbreaking debut album, Wave Twisters from 2001. QBert’s company Thud Rumble partnered with Algoriddim and Novalia to create the Extraterrestria album cover equipped with a Bluetooth chip and reacts when touched, allowing the users to scratch, mix and fade any songs they load into the software. By accessing DJ QBert’s album (or any MP3) through the DJay app, you’re able to manipulate and effect the songs with the use of the built-in controller. This amazing feature will be available for both vinyl and CD packaging. Incredible right, well most of the copies will be going to those that funded the project on Kickstarter, with only a small number made available through Thud Rumble but there may still be a chance to get your copy. It definitely pays to be an early adopter.

To learn more about DJ Qbert and this project please click here to visit the official Extraterrestria site.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

If you’re not familiar with the DJay2 app required to access this technology check it out here.

At Craft Brand Theory, we are aim to foster richer connections with the people, products and experiences that are featured on the blog. Having said that, I would encourage readers with an interest in DJ culture and studying the art of turntablism to visit Qbert’s Skratch University for some free sample lessons.

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